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Pathaan Movie, Advance Booking, Boycott  News, KRK Tweet

Pathaan Movie, Advance Booking, Boycott  News, KRK Tweet: Bharat Shahrukh Khan’s film “Pathan” advanced booking and box office collection, Shahrukh fans will not be disappointed, claim of ‘Pathan’ postpone also turned out to be fake! ‘Pathan’ did not get postponed; Know the date of advance booking, advance booking of Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan starrer film ‘Pathan’ will start from this day.

Pathan News

Censor Board has also ordered necessary changes in the film. Along with this, the big news has also come to the fore regarding the Advance Booking of Shahrukh Khan’s Film Pathan. Despite all this, the film’s advance booking has also started.

Pathaan Movie, Advance Booking, Boycott  News, KRK Tweet


  • Bumper advance booking of Shahrukh’s ‘Pathan‘ has started.
  • All the shows on the opening day of ‘Pathan’ were housefull in India and abroad.
  • All the tickets for the month of January in Canada were sold out for the movie ‘Pathan’.
  • Pathan movie is also getting excellent responses in foreign countries due to advanced booking.
  • Advance booking of “Pathan” was started in Germany on 28 December
  • Pathan movie will start on 25 January
  • The Claim of the ‘Pathan’ film being postponed also turned out to be fake!!

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Pathaan Movie, Advance Booking, Boycott  News, KRK Tweet

What did KRK say in his tweet

Actually, let us tell you, KRK had said in his tweet that the makers of Sharukh’s film Pathan are making changes in the film, so they need some more time to release the film. So that’s why the release of the film can also be delayed. But it is not just like that.

Pathaan Advance Booking

Pathan Movie will be released on its own time. On January 25, and not only this But according to Box Office of India, the advance booking of the film will start from January 14 i.e. Makar Sankranti. And even in Germany, all the tickets have been sold out in advance booking. And also the trailer of the Pathan film is also going to release on 10th January.

According to the reports, Advance booking of Pathan film was started in Germany on 28th December. In which the advance booking of all the shows before the release of the film has become houseful. Seeing this response, this thing will become clear. This film will get full love from the audience.

Pathan boycott news

Shahrukh Khan is quite excited about his “Pathan film“. The film is going to release on January 25 and it also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in the lead roles. But ever since the film’s song Besharam Rang was released, the film got mired in controversy. And some people are also boycotting, after this the Censor Board has also suggested using scissors in some scenes of the film and has also asked to make some changes to the saffron bikini scene in the song Besharam Rang. Now how much will the makers agree to the censor board, they will know only after watching the film? But in the midst of all this, news has also come out that the Pathan film can also be postponed.

Story for Film (Shahrukh khan)

Shahrukh Khan is made into a detective film Pathan and Deepika also has the same role. At the same time, John Abraham is in the role of villain. The name is Jim in the John Abraham Pathan movie. By the way, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen in two more films this year. After Pathan, he will start work on his other two films as well. In which one is South director Atlee’s film, Jawan. Nayantara will be playing the lead role with him in this. Along with the reports it is also being said. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen playing a double role in this film.

Shah Rukh Khan’s second film is Rajkumar Hirani’s Danki. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen romancing Taapsee Pannu for the first time in this film.

Pathaan Box Office 

Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone Starrer Pathaan, King Khan’s film ‘Zero’ flopped in the year 2018, then after a break of five years, Shahrukh will be seen returning to the silver screen. The controversy over the film’s song ‘Besharam Rang’ is also not ending. In fact, people got angry after calling Deepika Padukone’s orange bikini a a saffron bikini in its song, but this film is also getting great results in India and others abroad.




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