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Rakhi Sawant’s Mother Jaya Sawant Passed Away

Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant passed away: Rakhi Sawant’s mother passed away today, Rakhi Sawant’s mother was suffering from cancer, husband Adil gave information according to social media.

Today Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Bheda passed away at Criticare Hospital. He was admitted a few days ago at Criticare Hospital in Mumbai. Shortly before a video was posted of the actress, it was revealed that her mother’s health is not good. Rakhi’s mother was already suffering from a brain tumor and Rakhi had already given this information on social media saying that this tumor has spread to her lungs. Rakhi Sawant also requested her fans to pray for her mother. Although now Rakhi’s mother has said goodbye to this world.

Rakhi Sawant's Mother Jaya Sawant Passed Away

Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant passed away

Rakhi’s mother was also troubled by the tumor for the last few years. During this, along with Salman Khan, many celebrities also helped him. And Rakhi herself had given information about this on video social media, Rakhi used to get emotional many times about her mother. Along with Rakhi Sawant’s team, her friend Rajshree More has also confirmed this. In fact, Rajshree had come to the hospital with Rakhi to see her mother.

She said that when she went to see Rakhi’s mother in her ward, Ajanak, the monitor was fluctuating. So in half an hour the doctor also declared that he had passed away. The mortal remains of Rakhi Sawant’s mother will also be taken from Criticare in Juhu to Cooper Hospital. Then his last rites will also be performed in the morning, Rakhi Sawant was very close to her mother. It can be said that Rakhi has also married Adil for the sake of her mother and even in Bigg Boss house, Rakhi Sawant was seen getting emotional many times due to her mother’s health.

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Rakhi Sawant’s Mother Was Battling Cancer

Rakhi Sawant was very worried about her mother’s health for the past few days. Rakhi Sawant used to go to the hospital regularly to know about her mother’s condition. Rakhi’s mother Jaya was suffering from cancer for the past few days. And a few days ago he was also admitted to the hospital. Rakhi Sawant has also posted some videos several times knowing her mother’s condition. On the demise of Rakhi Sawant’s mother, her fans are also very sad. Rakhi had recently told her fans to pray for her mother’s recovery.

Thank you, Rakhi Sawant told Those Who Helped

Rakhi Sawant recently talked a lot about her mother’s health. Rakhi Sawant also thanked those who helped. And along with this, the fans also appealed to pray for the mother’s recovery. Through Twitter, as well as those who helped for the treatment of the mother were also thanked by Rakhi Sawant. Recently happiness also came into Rakhi Sawant’s life. Now the death of the mother has left Rakhi Sawant inconsolable.

The Tumor Had Spread to The Lungs

Rakhi Sawant recently also informed the fans about her mother’s tumor. Some time ago Rakhi Sawant told me that my mother is undergoing treatment for cancer. Rakhi also told along with it that her mother’s condition is very bad. And the tumor had spread to the mother’s lungs. After this, Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya was also undergoing treatment in the hospital for a tumor.



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