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Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 1: “Biggest Opening Ever” Also Creates A Diwali Record

We welcome you to this article about this film, Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 1. For the past few days, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s film has been in discussion. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s fans are eagerly waiting for this film. We have been waiting since then, so this film has been released at the box office. Salman Khan will have a lot of expectations from this film.

Tiger 3 Release Date

Released on November 12

Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 1

Tiger 3 is making huge money at the box office. It has become the highest-opening film of Salman Khan’s career. Not only in the country but also in foreign countries, the name Tiger 3 is going on. Now the figures of the worldwide collection of the film should also be revealed, and Salman Khan’s fans will jump with joy after knowing that Salman Khan’s movie is succeeding in impressing the audience, as already seen, but the makers of this film have a lot of expectations from this film, and there are a lot of media reports about Salman Khan. If we look at those figures, we will see that Tiger 3 box office collection day 1 is a total of Rs 44.50 crores.

Tiger 3 Budget

total of Rs 44.50 crores

According to this Diwali, Salman Khan has given a gift to his fans, who have been waiting for the film Tiger 3 for a long time. If the film has already knocked at the box office on November 12th, if we consider a reporter from Sanchalik, Tiger 3 box office collection day 1 is around 44.50 crores, so the film has got positive reviews from the audience, and this film has a total of 41.32 percent in Hindi.

Tiger 3 Box Office Collection Day 1: "Biggest Opening Ever" Also Creates A Diwali Record

Tiger 3 Movie

The Tiger 3 movie is seeing more veteran actors if there is a category of Bollywood actors who have the power to make the film completely expensive, and also the top collection of the film has made the budget of the film higher. Reports According to it, it is claimed that a total cost of Rs 300 crore has been spent on the production of this film.

Cast of Tiger 3

Actor Character Role

Salman KhanAvinash “Tiger” Singh RathoreRAW Agent , Zoya Husband
Katrina KaifZoyaISI agent, Tiger Wife
Emraan HashmiAatishEx-ISI agent
Simran NasreenPrime Minister of Pakisthan
vishalHassan AliTiger and Zoya Adopted Son
Riddhi DograShaheen BaigPrime Minister of Pakistan
Kumud MishraRakesh
Amir BashirRehan NazarZoya Father
RanvirGopi aryaTiger Former Handier
Gavie ChahalCaptain Abrar Seikh

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Tiger 3, total screen

According to reports, the film has been released on a total of 5500 screens in India, and it has also been released on 3400 overseas screens. This screen alone can give an edge to the Tiger 3 box office collection.

Tiger 3 Trailer

The Tiger 3 film Targets a mass Audience.

The film has been made keeping in mind the issues facing a mass audience. This film has all the elements that take it to a higher level. Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik’s cameos are also seen in the film. Imran is among the positive points of the film. Hashmi’s villain avatar is also there, and the presence of Emraan makes the film more special. Now it remains to be seen how much the box office collection of Tiger 3 will be.

We hope you liked our article, and the Tiger 3 box office collection is being provided to you daily through our article. Please stay connected for more information. Thank you so much, The Flame Time!



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