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Twitter New Logo: Changed Twitter Logo With A Picture of a Dog in Place of A Bluebird

Twitter New logo: Changed Twitter’s logo with a picture of a dog in place of a bluebird.

Twitter New Logo

The CEO of Twitter has made a big change in the people of Twitter. Till now people used to see the blue bird on the people of Twitter, but now users will be shown the photo of Doge.

Twitter Logo Changed: Elon Musk has made a lot of changes to Twitter since becoming the CEO of Twitter. A change has been made on Monday as well, which has kept all the users on Twitter by surprise. Elon Musk has removed the bluebird people who have become the identity of Twitter. Now instead of this, the picture of Doge will be visible to the people. Twitter users at first thought that their Twitter might have been hacked. But later it came out from a tweet that Ellen has changed the logo of Twitter. After this, #DOGE started trending on Twitter.

Will Doge Be The New Logo On Twitter Now?

Doge’s picture was put in place of Blue Bird. On the Twitter account where Blue Bird used to appear earlier. But now the doge will be seen on there. Everyone was surprised to see this once. For once all the users felt that their Twitter accounts had been hacked. After this, around 12:00 pm, Elon Musk made a tweet in which a dog is seen sitting in the driver’s seat and showing his license to the traffic police, the old Twitter logo (blue bird) on the license photo is attached. After which Doge is telling the traffic police that ‘this is an old photo’.

Dogecoin Jumped 20%

After Twitter changed people on its website and mobile browser, the price of popular crypto DogeCoin jumped 20% in about half an hour. DogeCoin is also known as MemeCoin. Elon Musk has been promoting Dogecoin for a long time, his new tweet has influenced crypto a lot.

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The Signal To Change People Was Given Long ago

Alex had hinted about this earlier in February by tweeting a photo in August. In this tweet, a dog was seen sitting on the CEO’s chair. This is a dog of the Shibu breed. In this post, Musk wrote that ‘the new CEO of Twitter is amazing’. In front of the doge a nameplate with ‘Floki’ written on it.



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