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Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone

Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone: Rose day is falling on Tuesday, February 7 in 2023, it is the first day of Valentine’s week. Therefore, the celebration of Valentine’s week starts on the 7th of February. It is the day to open your heart and send roses to your loved ones to show gratitude and love. On the rose day, roses can be sent to lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wife, best friends, and others. Each colour of the rose has a different meaning and people reveal their feelings by sending their respective colours of a rose.

Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone

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Meaning of Roses by Colour and Number

Meaning of Roses by Number
• 1 rose – love at first site
• 2 rose – deep love
• 3 rose – I love you
• 4 rose – I love you too
• 6 rose – the feeling of surrender in love
• 7 rose – when someone is infatuated with someone else
• 9 rose – eternal love
• 10 roses – you’re perfect

Meaning of Roses by Name and Colour

1 Ivory Roses

Ivory roses come in off-white colour which is also similar to eggshell and cream colour. Ivory roses stand for elegance, luxury, and charm. And others. Ivory roses can be given to someone without any romantic intention.

2 White Roses

White roses are related to marriage and a new beginning of something, hence, considered to be a symbol of remembrance. White roses stand for chastity, purity, and others.

3 Peach Roses

Peach roses are a symbol of loyalty and are given on the occasion of completion of any business deal, and to show gratitude. These warm-coloured flowers can be given to friends and children as well. Peach roses stand for sympathy and modesty.

4 yellow Roses

In the past, yellow roses were a symbol of greed. Nowadays, they are given to show care and friendship. Yellow roses stand for care, friendship, and others.

5 Pink Roses

Pink roses are adored by everyone and symbolise appreciation and they can be offered to co-workers, fiancée, best friends, and lovers. A bouquet of pink flowers can make a bright spot in someone’s day. Pink roses stand for joy and sweetness.

6 Orange Roses

Orange Roses make the environment energetic and are known in the world as the wild child of the rose family. Orange Roses carries the message of gratitude, enthusiasm, and excitement. These flowers stand for strong love, desire, and passion l.

7 Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are given to represent love at first site and to show adoration. The meaning of lavender rose can differ based on their shades. Lavender roses stand for splendour, majesty, and regal.

8 Red Roses

Red roses are the classic way to say, “I love you” to someone. These flowers convey robust vibes of romantic love. Red Roses stand for long-lasting love, longing, and passion.

9 Black Roses

Black roses, as the name suggests, represent the feeling of ending a relationship. Black roses aren’t created naturally, they are man-made. Black roses stand for farewell and death.

10 Blue Roses

Blue roses are also not creed naturally but are man-made and contain a mesmerising hue. Blue roses stand for mystery, desire, and unattainable love.

11 Green Roses

Green roses are peaceful to watch as they contain the colour of the earth showing fertility and opulence. These flowers are given to convey best wishes. Green roses stand for health, peace and harmony.

12 Multicoloured Roses

Multicoloured roses are gifted on joyful occasions such as. Weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, and many more.

Rose Day Wishes

Rose day wishes are written in text messages, on greeting cards, and simply on a note. A person can write wishes such as happy rose day my love, happy rose day my lifeline, and many rose day quotes can also be added to these wishes.

Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone

Rose day images

Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone
Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone
Rose Day 2023: For Your Special Someone
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