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Sciex Expands Protein Characterization Capabilities

Sciex expands protein characterization capabilities: SCIEX is a US-based leader in life science analytical technologies that led in the field of mass spectrometry. SCIEX announced a new launch of the Fast Glycan Labeling and Analytical Kit for quantitative glycan analysis and they also announced a new update for Biologics Explorer software to enhance critical therapeutic analysis workflows.

Sciex expands protein characterization capabilities

Because of these new additions, SCIEX continues to expand its abilities to support the characterization of complex and next-generation biopharmaceuticals in various parts of the drug development industries.

Sciex expands protein characterization capabilities

They had Biologics Explorer software, which is part of the SCIEX OS ecosystem. This software help scientist harnesses the full potential of the rich spectra produced from a zero TOF 7600 system. The Biologics Explorer software 3.0 empower efficiently middle – town protein analysis in combination with single electron-activated dissociation (EAD) fragmentation to yield high sequence coverage and provide better insight into the important modification in the protein. Data is easily translated to support quick and confident decisions about the most important critical quality attributes for biopharmaceuticals.

In addition, the fast Glycan Labeling and analysis kit enable fast glycan heterogeneity characterization and identification while retaining sample integrity and delivering consistent, accurate result. This workflow is now compatible with the BioPhase 8800 system, the only multi-capillary system capable of processing up to eight samples simultaneously by CE-SDS, CIEF, and now glycan separations. This capability enables a step critical in drug development monitoring chances in carbohydrate composition or concentration that can significantly impact a biotherapeutic’s overall safety and efficacy.

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