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Happy Propose Day 2023

Happy Propose Day 2023 i.e. Day of Lovers, the second day of Valentine’s Week i.e. Propose Day which is very special for love birds and couples. Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February every year. On this day, love birds and couples express their love by saying their heart and Propose it.

Happy Propose Day 2023

Propose Day Quotes

This means it is an important day for a new girlfriend and new boyfriend, on this day girlfriend and boyfriend propose to each other and start a new life. Everyone does new planning for this, this day becomes a memorable day that people remember even after an age. Everyone does a lot of planning to make Propose Day historical and beautiful.

Happy Propose Day 2023

“Love is such a feeling,
who never forget
Give color to life like tears,
echoed in the hum of the whirlpool,
smell the fragrance of flowers,
Give me the strength to walk on thorns.

Happy Propose Day 2023

what to say to you what is in your heart
my eyes say it all
Still, there is opportunity and custom
Will you be my valentine?

Happy Propose Day 2023

Today is the occasion of Izhar-e-Dil
You accept it, this is my gift
At least I will break the moon and stars for my lover
But even these natural gifts pale in front of you

How To Propose Someone

In such a situation, if you have a message of good poetry to tell your heart to your partner, then it is quite impressive. This is a poem like this, You are a sweet evening in Fiza, you are a glimpse of love jam ho tum…Say your heart with these romantic messages and express your love by giving a rose or a ring.

There is a practice of expressing love by giving a rose or a ring, which has a secret:


This is considered a symbol of starting a love relationship. Sweet permission is sought to start a relationship by giving a rose. Girls and boys are always very nervous, excited, and happy.


With this lovers propose to each other for marriage or love. To bind the sweet feeling of love of many days in the bond of centuries, they take permission from each other. This bond of marriage is considered greater than all other bonds.

Propose Day Messages

The second day of Valentine’s week is of Izhar-e-Mohabbat. If you like or love someone, this day is the perfect day to express it. On this day lovers talk heart-to-heart with each other. Expressing love is not difficult for couples who are already in love or in a relationship. They just have to express Ishq in a certain way, so that their partner gets impressed but for those who are going to express love for the first time, it becomes difficult for them to express their heart. If you are also going to express love to your friend for the first time but are unable to say anything, then here are beautiful messages to express love,

#1. let me tell you my heart
Tell me how much I love you today.
This is a chance to express
You accept love, this is my gift.
happy propose day
#2. In this way, I will break the moon and stars for the sake of my beloved,
In love, I leave everything for you.
If you also express your love,
Let me make you sit on my eyelids for your whole life.
happy propose day
#3. you can’t read the love in your eyes
We are unable to say anything with our lips.
I have written my health in this message
We can’t live without you anymore.
happy propose day
#4. wanting you is our weakness
It is a compulsion to speak the words of the heart.
you didn’t understand my silence
That’s why it is important to express love.
happy propose day
Propose Day Messages for English


Similarly, this celebration of love goes on for the whole week, in which two hearts feel together and are happy with each other, and also take care of each other’s happiness.

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