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Japan Vs China: Chinese Navy Ship Enters Japanese Waters Again

Japan Vs China: Chinese navy ship entered Japanese waters, then the Kishida government warned China of intrusion, and now Japan has also claimed.

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Japan has claimed that once again a survey ship of the Chinese Navy will be seen in its waters. The Japanese government is also considering it an intrusion by China.

Japan Vs China: Chinese Navy Ship Enters Japanese Waters Again

Chinese Navy Survey Ship Enters Japan Waters

The Chinese Navy Survey Ship has once again been seen in the waters of Japan. And the Japanese government is also expressing deep concern over the alleged infiltration of the Chinese Navy and has told China about it.

A Chinese navy survey ship entered the country’s territorial waters in the early hours of Sunday (February 12) near Yakushima, one of two islands in southern Kagoshima Prefecture, according to Japanese news agency Kyo Do, and Japan’s defense ministry. Have also been seen doing it.

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Japanese Defense Ministry gave this information about infiltration

According to the statement of the Japanese Ministry of Defense, it was said that the Chinese ship entered Japan’s territorial waters at around 2:30 am local time and also left for the west at 4:10 am. According to Kyo Do, in addition, the Japanese government has also informed China about its deep concern regarding the intrusion.

The Chinese ship was spotted in Japanese waters in December

Chinese ships are often seen entering Japanese territorial waters, which is also one of the reasons for the ongoing confrontation between the two countries. Why these two have also told that the most recent infiltration took place in December.

The Chinese intrusion was explained by the Japanese Defense Ministry through the map.

The Japanese Defense Ministry has also tweeted and the about the alleged intrusion of the Chinese ship.  It has also been told through the map from where the Chinese Navy ship entered and from where it left. The Japanese Defense Ministry also wrote in a tweet, “On February 12, it has also been confirmed that a single Shupang-class survey ship of the Chinese Navy Passed through the territorial waters of Japan, approaching the Yakushima Islands.

The Ministry went further and said in the tweet, “This is the 10th time, it will be the first time since December last year when we have also announced the A Chinese Navy ship had entered Japanese territorial waters.”



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