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James Cameron Big Task & Corona Positive, Avatar 2

James Cameron gave this big task to the writer of the film for Avatar The Way of Water & james cameron big task & corona positive, avatar 2…

James Cameron is making headlines for his upcoming film ‘Avatar 2’. Filmmaker James Cameron revealed that he gave the writers of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ 800 pages of notes to read before writing the story on ‘Avatar 2’.

James Cameron Big Task & Corona Positive, Avatar 2
Photo – Avatar the Way of Water

James Cameron Big Task & Corona Positive, Avatar 2

Avatar the Way of Water – Avatar 2

Avatar of the story of relationships

While watching the film ‘Avatar the Way of Water’, it seems that we are watching the Hollywood incarnation of that DNA of Hindi cinema in which family values, human relations and social concepts have been affirmed from the beginning. The story is of the same Pandora where the humans of the earth were earlier looking for a precious mineral, but now the story has come 10 years ahead. The earth is no longer suitable for humans to live and the search is on for a planet where human settlements can be established.

New incarnation of the principles of development

The movie ‘Avatar the Way of Water‘ is not just a story. There are so many intriguing stories in it that each one of them could be elaborated separately. In Indian culture, it is taught from the beginning that there must be family before self, community before family and country before community. That’s what Jake Surly does. Sacrificing his ego, he tries to save the family.

James Cameron became Corona positive

Avatar The Way Of Water: James Cameron became Corona positive, could not be a part of the premiere of his own film

James Cameron big task & Corona positive, Avatar 2 
Photo – James Cameron

Direct James Cameron of Avatar: The Way of Water has been infected with Corona. In such a situation, he could not be a part of the premiere of the film kept in Los Angeles.

Avatar 2 Trailer

Seeing the magical world of Pandora in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ created panic among the audience.

Watch YouTube Channel Avatar

‘Avatar: The Way of Avatar’ will be released in theatres on December 16.

Advance booking of more than Rs 16 crore

  • Some trade reports claim. The film Avatar: The Way of Water First Day: Two and a half lakh tickets for the first day have already been booked, Hindi audience showed great enthusiasm.
  • The film ‘Avatar the Way of Water’ has earned around one crore rupees from the advance booking of the Hindi version alone.

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