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Rajasthan Exit Poll 2023 Live: BJP Government in 7 out of 9 Exit Polls

First, know whether this is an exit poll: An exit poll is a kind of election survey, like on the day of voting, when all the voters come out of the polling booth after seeing the votes, and people from different survey agencies and news channels are present there. They also keep asking questions to the voters regarding voting.

They were asked who they had voted for. In this way, questions and answers were asked from different polling booths of each Assembly. By the time the voting is over, a large number of such questions are processed. By presenting these figures and their answers, it can be estimated What is the mood of the public and what is it like. Based on the mathematical Medical Model, it is determined which party gets how many seats. Its administration is done only after the voting is over.

Special Things

Rajasthan Exit Poll 2023 Live

After the exit poll of the Rajasthan Assembly elections came out today, the picture is gradually becoming clear. It is now being estimated that the BJP seems to be taking the lead. Whose government will be formed now? Will the tradition change this time or Congress again? Whether it will be successful in regaining power will be known only after the election results are declared on December 3.

Live update

7:21 PM, 30 NOW, 2023
Rajasthan Exit Poll Result Live
: According to Dainik Bhaskar’s survey, the Congress has 85–95 seats in Rajasthan, the BJP has 98–105 seats, and we can expect to get another 10–15 seats.

7:20 PM, 30 NOW, 2023
Rajasthan Exit Poll 2023 Live
: According to Rajasthan, the Congress has 65–75 seats, the BJP has 115–130 seats, and it is estimated to get the other 12 – 19 states.

Gehlot’s big statement came: Now he is saying that if the religion card is played, then it is a different matter; otherwise, our government will be formed no matter what the poll survey says.

Just before the results of the elections in Rajasthan, CM Ashok Gehlot has said that if the religion card is not played then the government will be formed in Rajasthan by Congress. He said that only if the religion card is played, we will lose. Just like they brought down the government in MP, Karnataka, in the same way, the Rajasthan government will fall. They failed, that’s why everyone must have planned thoughtfully in Delhi, but this time we do not want a repeat of the Congress government in Rajasthan, but it seems that their perception will not work.

The Magic of 7 Guarantees Will Work; Congress’s Victory on 156 Seats is Certain.

We are forming the government. Whatever the speculators may say and whatever the media may say, Hans says that from what I have heard in the last 6 months, the villagers feel that we will form the government. This is the first government in the country against which there is no entry incumbency. BJP voters also say that the CM has lacked in working.

The pilot said: The Public is also very intelligent

Sachin Pilot said I have full hope that Congress will form the government, the public is also very intelligent, they keep listening to all the things, and the public will make the right decision.

06:54 PM, 30 NOW .2023
Rajasthan Exit Poll 2023 Result Live:
According to India TV

06:22 PM, 30 NOW .2023
Rajasthan Exit Poll 2023 Results Live:
India Today Survey

B J P: 29-33 Seats
Congress: 18-20 Seats
Other: 09-11 Seats


B J P: 26-33 Seats
Congress: 10-14 Seats
Other: 02-04 Seats


B J P: 26-30 Seats
Congress: 10-14 Seats
Other: 02-04 Seats

Rajasthan Exit Poll Result 2023 Live: Congress Party’s decision in Rajasthan

Rajasthan BJP President K Doshi has claimed that Rajasthan is going to get a government that stands on the expectations of the people but more than 135 MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party have been elected, hence they will form a strong government and everyone knows this very well.

Gehlot Said Before Rajasthan Election Results

Voting has been done for the assembly elections in Rajasthan. On December 3, the results of Rajasthan along with MP Chandigarh, Mizoram, and Tel Telangana will also be revealed. Even before this, Ashok Gehlot claimed to form the Congress government in Rajasthan, although he said that in the elections, the BJP won based on religion. In the guise of creating fear and tension, if BJP’s religion card works then it is a different matter. If the religion card does not work then we will form a Congress government only.




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