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The Magic of 7 Guarantees Will Work; Congress’s Victory on 156 Seats is Certain.

The magic of Congress 7 guarantees will work; Congress’s victory on 156 seats is certain.


1. Rajasthan is the only and first state to provide a minimum age security guarantee of Rs. 1,000.
2. Rajasthan is the only and first state to provide Chiranjeevi with Rs 25 lakh along with a health officer.
3. old-fashion plan ops
4. Every unit gets free electricity.
5. 2000 units of free agricultural electricity
6. And the old food package-free ration scheme

Now Congress has given these seven guarantees to the people of Rajasthan.

The Magic of 7 Guarantees Will Work

7 Guarantees Will Work

Griha Lakshmi Guarantee

Under this, the female head of the family will be given a guarantee of Rs 10,000 every year, and in recognition of the hard work of the women, economic benefits will be provided.

Shipment Guarantee

From this, cow dung will be purchased for Rs. 2 kg, cattle herders will get prosperity, food manufacturing will also lead to progress in agriculture, and the fertility of the land will increase.

A Free Laptop Tablet

Under this Guarantees, (7 Guarantees Will Work) first-year students of the Mahan Vidyalaya of the state will be given a free laptop tablet at the time of admission, which will also be a reason for modern education and communication and will also increase the sense of self-confidence among the students.

Chiranjeevi Had Relief Insurance

Under this guarantee, free insurance of up to Rs 15 lakh will be provided per family affected by a primary disaster, and this insurance will also become a security cover in case of natural disasters like floods, storms, famine, etc.

Under This Guarantee

  • English secondary education is provided free to every interested child.

The opportunity for English-medium education will be guaranteed, and those children can connect with the country and the world. Their opportunities will also increase, and the parents will also get financial support.

Rs 500 Gas Cylinder Free for 1.04 Crore Families

Under this, Congress has given a guarantee to expand the country’s cheapest cylinder scheme of Rs 500, and now every NFSA family will also be given an LPG gas cylinder of Rs 500.

OPS Guarantee

A law will also be made to strengthen the OPS (Old Pension Scheme).

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