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Anjali Arora in Bigg Boss 17: Anjali Arora Will Have A Wild Card Entry

Anjali Arora in Bigg Boss 17: It is being played in Bigg Boss House, and the colored game is also being spread. Now a new twist is going to come in this game, which is that Anjali Arora is going to make a wild card entry. is being discussed.

Anjali Arora in Bigg Boss 17

Anjali Arora in Bigg Boss 17: Anjali Arora Will Have A Wild Card Entry
  • Anjali Arora is going to enter Bigg Boss 17.

The 17th season of Bigg Boss is going to be very exciting and entertaining. Let us tell you that the audience gets to see new teasers every day. This time, the news is that Anjali Arora will also be a part of Bigg Boss in the field of the internet.

Anjali Arora’s name was in discussion for Bigg Boss for a long time, but she did not get a place in the initial list because she will be brought to Bigg Boss through wild card entry.

With the arrival of Anjali Arora in Bigg Boss, there will be more romance in the show, and the audience is eagerly waiting to see how Anjali will perform in Bigg Boss.

Has Anjali Arora been seen in these reality shows before?

Let me tell you that a few days ago, Orhaan Urfi Ori made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss. In this way, Anjali Arora will also be given entry. It is being said that Anjali’s entry will turn the game of Bigg Boss, but Anjali Arora has already been used in a reality show.

Anjali Arora had also previously appeared in Kangana Ranaut’s show “Lockup.” When Bigg Boss 17 started, Anjali Arora’s name was also in discussion as a contestant; however, she was disappointed due to her name not being on the list. Done. Now news is coming that Anjali will enter the show through World Card, and Elvis Yadav also mentioned Anjali Arora’s entry during the chat.

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What did Anjali Arora say?

Anjali Arora reacted to Bigg Boss 17 contact Isis Malviya a few days ago; she had also praised him and said that he is a strong content, although Anjali Arora has not yet said anything about participating in Bigg Boss. has not responded to, or has not confirmed, the discussion at this time.

Who is Currently at Bigg Boss House?

There were a total of 17 contestants in the house of Bigg Boss 17: Manara, Munawar Farooqui, Abhishek, Ankit, Firoz Khan, Vicky, Neil, Aishwarya, Sunny, Isha, Anurag, Rinku, Jigra, Navid, Arun, Sana, Raish Khan, and Sonia Bansal. But Sonia Manasvi and Jigra have said goodbye to the show. Now two World Card contestants are going to come into the house; they are Samarth Jurel and Orhaan, aka Ori.

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