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What does chatbot mean?

So friends, what is Chatbot and what is the meaning of Chatbot, ( what does chatbot mean? ), as well as the simple explanation of Chatbot, is also easily understood.

what does chatbot mean?

what is the meaning of chatbot?

Friends, if you do not know what a chatbot is? So let us tell you that this is software with the help of which we can interact live with any system or machine.

Today, the year 2022-2023, we are living in a time where technology is developing very fast, in today’s time where humans are slowly handing over all their work to machines.

what does chatbot mean?

Gradually, machines are replacing humans. In the increasing order of this technology, humans have developed a technology called a chatbot.

It also works on Artificial Intelligence. In this process, there is no need for any person to operate the system. No person has to reply in Chatbot, it works on Auto Reply System.

what does chatbot mean?

What Is Chatbot

The chatbot is an AI computer program, it is made up of two words, Chat i.e. conversation, and Bot i.e. robot. Chatbots simulate human conversations through voice or text communication. Chatbot has many names like – talkbot, chatterbot, AI bot, etc. The chatbot is also known as an auto-replier. It is mainly used for customer service. It answers the questions asked by you either in spoken or in the form of text messages. This is a kind of software in which answers to many questions are already programmed.

Advantages of Chatbot –

Nowadays the use of chatbots is increasing continuously. There are many advantages of chatbots such as – customer support, with the help of chatbots, providing customer support has become even easier. The chatbot does the work of many people alone so that the company does not have to keep more employees for customer service and the company can provide good customer service at a low cost. Chatbots are engaged in work 24*7. The customer can answer questions whenever he wants. Chatbot also gives instant replies to the customer’s question so that the customer is satisfied.

Examples of chatbots –

  1. Alexa
  2. Siri
  3. Dominos
  4. Cortana
  5. Eva

what does chatbot mean?

Why was there a need for a chatbot

Digitization is turning society into a “mobile first” population. Nowadays the popularity of messaging applications is on the rise. Many companies are using social media platforms to further their business. Nowadays the customer needs an immediate answer to his question and this chatbot is proving to be very useful. Large companies use chatbots because a company has many customers and it becomes difficult to respond to them immediately at the same time. But with the use of these chatbots, the company manages the customer visiting its website or its social media account.

Types of chatbots –

Chatbots are mainly of two types –
Rule-based chatbot
AI-based chatbot

Rule-based chatbot – In these chatbots, the answers to the questions have already been programmed. Friends, those chatbots are called Rule-Based Chatbot, in which many questions and answers are already set in the program.

With these chatbots, you can find out the answers to only those questions which are set in them. These chatbots are used as FAQs. So that if you ask any question from it, then immediately you will get its answer without the help of any human. So Chatbot is not able to answer such questions.

AI-based chatbot – In these chatbots, the answers to any question are not set beforehand. This bot answers on its own according to the customer’s question. They have the ability to self-learning. Due to this these bots are able to answer the questions of the customer.
Platforms from where you can create Chatbot – impersonator

AI-Based Chatbots come under those chatbots that can answer any of your questions. You can do any type of question with these chatbots. This Chatbot will give you answers to all those questions because no type of questions and answers are fed into its database. AI-Based Chatbot understands and answers all the questions with the help of Artificial Intelligence. These chatbots improve over time and the way you ask questions.

In today’s time, AI-Based Chatbot is available to all those who use smartphones. Because now AI Chatbot Programs come in every smartphone.

Meya AI
Mobile Monkey

Friends, today we have discussed what is a chatbot. What is AI Chatbot? read about it. I hope you have got a lot of information about chatbots. If you have found this article helpful, then do share it with your friends so that they too can take advantage of it.




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