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Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date and Time in India & Significance of Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is the auspicious day on which Krishna was born on this planet. In India, in August or September, people celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with great joy and happiness. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival is celebrated on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha, also known as Krishna Paksha Ashtami. Sri Krishna and Vishnu are soul and body solid in memory. He was born in Mathura 5200 years ago. That is why Mathura is called Krishnabhumi.

Krishna Janmashtami 2023

This festival is celebrated by the majority of Hindus throughout India. People call this festival by various names like Krishna Janmashtami, Sri Jayanti, Gokila Ashtami, and Sri Krishna Jayanti. Lord Krishna was born to rid the earth of evil and spread the message of love and brotherhood. Lord Krishna, the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva, fulfilled the prophecy that he would kill Kansa. However, King Kansa repeatedly tried to kill Balakrishna, but each time was in vain.

The next day, after midnight, the faithful began to fast. And so, they chant or worship Vishnu or Krishna or Sri Krishna. Devotees also chant some verses of the Lord. Lord Krishna was wearing new shiny garments and a crown.

Lord Krishna Janmashtami

Many Hindu temples are decorated with lights and flowers to celebrate this day. Many bhajan and kirtan programs are held in the temple. Dances and dramas of Krishna’s life are performed in many spiritual centers. Schools also celebrate this auspicious occasion with young children dressed up as Lord Krishna and dancing.
Another highlight of this festival is the Dahi Handi on Krishna Janmashtami. In his childhood, Lord Krishna was known as Makhan Chor, so this event is performed on every Krishna Janmashtami, where there is a Dahihandi where the rope hangs at a certain height, a crowd has to make a hole in this Handi and a scream fall upon them.

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Well-known places like ISKCON temple in Delhi, Vrindavan temple in Vrindavan, Prem temple in Vrindavan, Srinathji temple in Rajasthan, Jagannath temple in Odisha, and Govind Devji temple in Jaipur are beautifully decorated on Shri Krishna Janmashtami time of the year. These places are hot spots for a large gathering of devotees to mark this auspicious event. In addition, beautifully decorated Jhakis representing the unique aspects of the festival are displayed at prominent places, adding to the festive spirit

However, it is in places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, and Dwarka that the essence of the entire Krishna Janmashtami celebration truly comes alive. These places are very important because they are incredibly connected with the life of Lord Krishṇa. The temples in these places stage spectacular performances of Rasa Leela, attracting many devotees from far and wide to witness these sacred divine pastimes of Lord Krishna.

Significance of Janmashtami Festival

In India, Janmashtami is a significant festival. It’s all about celebrating Krishna’s birth. People adore him due to his intelligence, kindness, and playful nature. Depending on the lunar calendar, the festival is usually celebrated in August or September. This is a time of spirituality, tradition, and happiness.

People are busy getting ready for Janmashtami before the big day. They make colorful decorations for their homes. On the floor, beautiful designs are created with vibrant powders known as rangoli. The wonderful smell of new blossoms organized wherever consumes the space. The loungers and lodgings are enlivened to remind us where Ruler Krishna was conceived.

Fasting is a significant piece of Janmashtami. Certain individuals don’t really want to eat or drink anything until late. They do this to show Krishna how much they love and respect him. They read the Holy Scriptures, pray, and meditate during the afternoon. It’s a big problem when it finally gets to midnight because it’s said that’s when Lord Krishna was born. Individuals break their quick with an exceptional feast and celebrate by singing tunes and supplicating together.

How to Celebrate Janmashtami

“Dahi Handi” is a fascinating tradition that takes place during Janmashtami. The adventurous tale of Lord Krishna’s childhood is reimagined in this tradition. In this game, a pot loaded up with spread or coconut milk is suspended high over the ground. To reach the pool and break it, “Govinda” youth groups construct human pyramids. It resembles an extraordinary experience, and everybody is supporting them.

After the 12 p.m. celebrations, it’s the ideal opportunity for a major party! Families and companions partake in tasty dinners together. They make ghee, flat rice, and milk-based sweets, which Lord Krishna loved on earth.

In certain pieces of India, there are games and parades called “Krishna Leela”. The life of Lord Krishna is brought to life in these shows. They show how he helped people with his wisdom and kindness, how much he loved Radha, and how he performed miracles. These shows are a favorite part of the Janmashtami celebrations because they feature colorful costumes and entertaining performances.

Janmashtami is celebrated by people all over the world. This festival brings people of all backgrounds and languages together. Although the manner in which individuals in various locations observe Janmashtami may vary, the important message that applies to all is the same: love, dedication, and the immortal insight of Ruler Krishna.

Lastly, Janmashtami is more than just a celebration; a profound excursion helps us to remember the qualities that Ruler Krishna maintained. It’s time to celebrate love, righteousness, and devotion and implement these lovely lessons in our lives. As we praise the introduction of Sri Krishna, let us likewise cheer in the getting-through illustrations he has left for us to follow.

So, here’s wishing you a Happy Janmashtami! May Shri Krishna’s blessings fill your life with love, happiness, and peace. Celebrate this special day with devotion and share the joy with your loved ones.




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