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Coronavirus Live Updates: Covid-19 New Variant, Covid Cases in India

Covid-19 New Variant: The new variant of Coronavirus XBB1.16 is spreading in India, know how dangerous it is, the doctor warned – a new variant of Corona spread in 12 countries.

Covid-19 New Variant

Covid-19 Surge in India: There is a continuous increase in new cases of Corona in India. The new variant of Corona XBB 1.16 is being told behind the increase in new cases. How dangerous is this new variant and in how many countries has it spread and which people are more at risk from this new variant, you will know in this article?

Covid-19 Surge in India

There is a continuous increase in India and the total number of active cases of Covid-19 has crossed 6500. According to scientists, the number of active cases is increasing in the last few days. The reason behind this is believed to be the new variant of Corona, XBB 1.16. At present time, more than 70 cases have been reported in India.

What is XBB 1.16 Variant

Dr. Vipin Vashisht, a member of WHO’s Vaccine Safety Net claims that ‘the new variant XBB 1.16 is a descendant of the recombination XBB variant of Covid-19 Omicron variant (Coronavirus Live Updates) which is spreading rapidly’. There are concerns about the new variant of Covid-19 at the global level because in all these variants new mutations have occurred in the non-spikes region of the virus which affects immunity. According to a report, the possibility of a new wave of coronavirus may increase due to this new variant of Covid-19.

How Dangerous is This New Variant

Experts have told on the new variant of Corona that it is the fastest spreading Covid -19 variant found so far and if proper precautions are not taken, it can spread very fast. Dr. Vipin Vashisht, a member of WHO’s vaccine safety net, monitoring the new variant of Corona, has told that

The new coronavirus XBB.1.16 has so far been detected in 12 countries, of which the maximum number of cases have been found in India at present.

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How Fast Can The New Variant of Corona Spread?

According to Dr. Vipin, the XBB.1.16 variant grows 140% faster than XBB.1.5, which makes it more aggressive. 3 additional mutations E180V, K478R, and S486P have been found in this variant. According to Dr. Vashisht, if the old variants BA.2.75, BA.5, BQs, and XBB.1.5 which have arrived in India do not get defeated in front of the strong immunity of Indians, then the whole world will have to take this situation seriously. To deal with this situation, it will be very important to monitor closely and take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to Dr. Sumit Ardas, co-chairman of the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium, the first new variant XBB.1.16 was identified in early January 2023. This variant is currently being monitored. Right now there is not enough data to check it completely, but we need to be safe and wear masks as well.

Symptoms of a New Variant of Coronavirus XBB.1.16

Symptoms like headache, muscle pain, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, and respiratory problems have been reported in the XBB1.16 variant. These are the symptoms of -19 which confirm the infection. Apart from this, some people may also complain of abdominal pain, restlessness, and diarrhea. So far, no distinct symptoms related to the new variant XBB1.16 of this new circulating covid-19 have been revealed.

This is How You Can Identify The Infection of -19

If you experience shortness of breath, soreness, or fever without hyperoxia, then this is a normal illness, it can also be cured by isolation. On the other hand, those whose respiratory rate is more than 24 per minute and whose SPO remains between 90 to 93%, then they need to be admitted to the ward or in the ICU.

Who is More At Risk From The New Variant XBB1.1.6?

No death has been reported so far from this new variant, so it is expected that people have developed immunity against the virus. So that he can be safe from serious symptoms. According to the information given by the government, in many new guidelines, the government has called these high-risk people a danger of these variants. These people can also have -19 as well can cause problems of other serious diseases which can also cause death. Whereas people who are not at high risk can recover quickly. In the information released by Monitoring AIIMS and ICMR Covid-19 National Task Force, these people are more at risk from the Covid-19 new variant: Older or people above 60 years of age who have heart disease, diabetes, weak immunity, an HIV-positive or such patient has chronic disease related to the lungs, liver, and kidney. Apart from this, people suffering from cerebrovascular disease, people suffering from obesity, and those who have not been vaccinated, these people are being told more at risk from the new variant of -19.

In Which Countries Did The New Variant of Corona Spread XBB.1.16?

The new variant XBB1.16 of -19 has been found in 12 countries so far. According to the new data, the maximum number of cases of this new variant has been found in India so far. Apart from India, countries like America, Singapore, China, and the UK have also been included in this list. According to Dr. Vipin, the XBB1.16 virus has been found in at least 12 countries, and the maximum number of cases has been found in India. There is concern about XBB1.16 globally as this sub-variant has a mutation in the non-local region of the virus that affects immunity.



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