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Happy Valentine Day – The Real Story of Valentine’s

Happy Valentine Day – The Real Story of Valentine’s. Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated from February 7 to February 14. Why is Valentine’s Day the day of love and which day. What are the 7 days of which valentine day. or why is February 14 called Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine Day - The Real Story of Valentine's

7 February Rose Day:

It is called Rose Day, on this day we give roses to the ones we love, every rose has some meaning.

8 February Propose Day:

It is called Propose Day, in which the one who loves from the heart, proposes to him, whose styles are different, which he himself thinks.

9 February Chocolate Day:

It is called Chocolate Day, on this day everyone gives chocolate to their loved ones, such as boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents, who share love with people who love them.

10 February Teddy Bear Day:

On the day of this teddy bear, lovers keep giving gifts to each other, in which they all bring gifts for their loved ones or dear ones.

11 February Promise Day:

On this day of Promise Day, both of the people who play with their love make a promise to each other. And all the promises are remembered. He makes a promise to fulfill it.

12 February Kiss Day:

This Kiss Day is celebrated and on this day everyone spends time with each other, and to make every moment memorable, in which girlfriend or boyfriend or husband and wife kiss each other for the good of the relationship.

13 February Hug Day:

Hug Day is celebrated on this day, on this day couples hug while expressing their feelings. Hug each other with love and always express the feeling of supporting each other, which will keep them bound even in difficult times.

14 February Valentine’s Day:

This last day is considered as Valentine’s Day, which is called Valentine’s Day, and on this day everyone spends the whole day with each other as a couple.

In this way every year this one week person spends time with his life partner, his special friend, his family and his best friends. Love is not dependent on any day or time, but love has been hidden somewhere in today’s race and in this way the pastor spends a few moments with Tributes paid to Valentine, so were his loved ones and those who added him to their memories!

Happy Valentine Day – The Real Story of Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is named after a person whose name was Valentine. That’s why the story of this Love Day is not a story full of love from the beginning.

Happy Valentine Day - The Real Story of Valentine's

What is the real story of Valentine’s Day

This story is the story of an encounter between an evil king and a benevolent saint named Valentine a few years ago, on Valentine’s Day. And the beginning of this day was in the third century of Rome i.e. there used to be a tyrannical king in that era whose name was Claudius.

The king of Rome believed that a single soldier could become a proper and effective soldier for the war as compared to a married soldier, because the soldier was married all the time, he was worried about the fact that he would die. Then after this there is no one to see his family.

So thinking this, King Claudius announce to everyone that no soldier of his state would marry, otherwise if he violates this order, he will be punished severely.

All the soldiers were sad on hearing this decision of the king and all the soldiers believe that this decision is wrong, but no one dares to violate the fear of the king! But Saint Valentine of Rome did not approve of this unjust decision, so he started helping all the young soldiers to get married by hiding from the king.

So whoever wanted to get married used to go to valentine seeking help and valentine used to help them and also get them married. In the same way Valentine had many marriages done silently. But one day the truth came out in front of me. And the news about this work of valentine also reached the ears of Claudius king.

When Valentine did not obey the king’s order, the king sentenced valentine to death and put him in jail.

Valentine was waiting for the date of his death inside the jail, then the jailor came to him whose name was Asterius. The people of Rome used to say that Valentine has a very divine power, using which he could get rid of people from diseases. So the jailor started talking about the light of his daughter’s eyes, valentine said that your daughter’s eye will heal and she was cured by divine power and then there was a deep friendship between valentine daughter.

And fell in love in some time, they didn’t even know. Asterius’s daughter was about to die of Valentine, so thinking about this, she was deeply shocked. Then before death valentine asked jailor for a pen and paper and in that paper he wrote goodbye message for jailor’s daughter, finally that day came on 14th February when valentine was hanged! At the end of the page, he had written “your valentine”, these are the words that people still remember. This is how February 14 was named after him!

That’s why loving people remember valentine! And the name Valentine’s Day came out! And together all the loving people express their love in a strong way by giving flowers etc. to their lovers, or by giving gifts and chocolates.

Why is Valentine’s Day a day of Love

For Example –

  • To strengthen love with your spouse
  • To make new relationship unbreakable with your lovers
  • To increase friendship with your friends
  • To strengthen the bonds of relationships with your family members

Why is February 14 called Valentine’s Day

The name of ‘Valentine’s Day’ is known by the name of Saint Valentine. In fact, in the third century Rome was ruled by a king named Claudius. Claudius believed that by getting married, the power and intelligence of men ends. Because of this, he issued an order in the entire state that none of his soldiers or officers would marry. But Saint Valentine strongly opposed this order of Claudius and inspired people to marry all over the state. Seeing opposition to his order, Claudius finally got Saint Valentine hanged on 14 February 269. Since then this day is celebrated in his memory. Agreed, every day is special for those in love and the day and date do not matter to show love to your partner, but for the running life, today’s day has been made in the name of love. This day is celebrated in many countries.

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