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Holi 2023: “Always rain the color of joy and joy in life”

Holi 2023: “Always rain the color of joy and joy in life” PM Modi wished and Ministers congratulated the festival of colors.

Holi festival (Holi 2023) is being celebrated with great pomp across the country, on this occasion, many leaders including the President of the country “Draupadi Murmu” and “PM Narendra Modi” greeted the countrymen. PM Modi has written that ‘Happy Holi, may the colors of enthusiasm and gaiety always shower on all of you’.

Holi 2023

Today, the festival of Holi is being celebrated with great gaiety across the country, President Draupadi Murmu Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and, all the Union Ministers have greeted the countrymen on Holi. President Murmu tweeted that gaiety and his festival Holi greetings to all the countrymen. PM Modi tweeted and said that many wishes for Holi, always enjoy the color and their color in your life.

President Draupadi Murmu wishes

President Draupadi Murmu wrote that this festival of Sneha and brotherhood is a symbol of the vibrant colors and harmony of our diverse society. I wish that this great festival of colors brings new happiness and prosperity in your life and in ours.

PM Modi wishes

The Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi greeted the countrymen on the occasion of Holi. He wrote on his Twitter handle “Happy Holi, always rain the color of joy and enthusiasm in your life”.

Union Minister Amit Shah wishes

Union Minister Amit Shah wrote, “Heartfelt greetings to all the countrymen of Holi, the festival of Rang Harsh and Goose, this festival of happiness should bring new energy to all of you”

CM Yogi Adityanath wishes

CM Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh participated in the Narasimha Bhagwan Shobhayatra of Gorakhpur. He said that this procession decides the example of how the festival and festivals should be, but the festival shows the antiquity of India, and the prosperity of India is a symbol of Shali culture.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal wishes

On Holi, Union Minister Piyush Goyal said, “Happy Holi to all the countrymen ‘, the way the whole country is entering the whole country, I’ve been convinced that the world is with us, the world is with us, the world was with us

Rahul Gandhi wishes

On the occasion of Holi, Rahul Gandhi greeted the people of the country. On this occasion, he posted a post on his Twitter and wrote that ‘the festival of Holi filled new colors in everyone’s life, the color of unity should be added to the country’

CM Shivraj gave wishes

On the occasion of Holi, CM Shivraj Singh of Madhya Pradesh greeted the people of the state and the people of the country. He has written that “Gulals of happiness should flow, there should be a rain of affection, then should there be a feeling of harmony in every heart. There should be a sweet tune of flute in the sky of harmony, color the colors in the color of love, such Holi should be”. Happy Holi to you.

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