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National Science Day 2023: Themes, Quotes, Status

National Science Day 2023: Wish your friends and loved ones National Science Day with these messages. National Science Day 2023 On February 28, 1928, the great physicist Sir CV Raman discovered the “Raman Effect”, so National Science Day is celebrated every year on February 28. Their main objective is to make people aware of the importance of science.

National Science Day 2023

Every year, February 28 is celebrated as National Science Day. On this day in the year 1928, Indian physicist CV Raman achieved a remarkable achievement in the field of physics. He also made an important discovery related to the photon theory of light, which was considered iron by the whole world, and for this discovery, he also received the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930. In science, his invention is still known as the ‘Raman Effect’. The main objective of celebrating National Science Day is also to attract students towards science and inspire new inventions. So you can also give National Science Day to your friends and loved ones through quotes, messages, and slogans, and you can also wish for this day.

National Science Day Speech

  1. Suppose we specialize in science.
  2. Still, a lot to do.
  3. The mystery that science has not yet understood,
  4. In this world, that is called a miracle.
  5. Science can lift men out of disease and poverty.
  6. But in return, it can end the social unrest of man.

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National Science Day Quotes

  • National science contributes the most to the progress of any country.
  • Science is a beautiful gift to the whole of humanity if there is respect in the mind and love in the heart for nature.
  • Our lives are like an experiment in science; the more times we experiment, the better our success will be than before.
  • Science easily introduces its superiority.
  • Today’s science is also tomorrow’s technology.

National Science Day Status

  • Religion, science, and art are actually branches of the same tree.
  • Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity, and it is the torch that lights the world.
  • What you learn from life in science is the vastness of our ignorance.

National Science Day?

NameNational Science Day
When is February?28 Celebrated?
World Science Day On 10, November
When was it celebrated for the first time?in 1987
National Science Day 2023: Themes, Quotes, Status

National Science Day 2023 Themes

National Science Day (National Science Day Theme 2023) has been celebrated since the year 1987 and is also celebrated, but here we are also informing you about the theme of this day from the year 2011 to 2023.

2011Chemistry in Daily Life
2012Clean Energy Alternatives and Nuclear Power
2013Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security
2014promotes scientific temperature and energy conservation
2015Science of Nation Building
2016Make in India; S&T-driven innovation
2017Technology and Science for Specially Abled Persons
2018Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future
2019Science for the people and science for the people
2020Women and Science (Women and Science)
2021Impact of STIs on Future, Education, Work, and Skills
2022Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
2023Global Science for Global Wellbeing

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When is National Science Day celebrated?

On February 28

What did National Scientist Dr. Chandrasekhar Raman invent?

Its information is also given above.

National Science Day is celebrated in memory of which great man?

National scientist Dr. Chandrashekhar Raman

When is World Science Day celebrated?

On November 10

How is National Science Day celebrated?

By doing various activities related to national science.



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