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Pathan Film Review। SRK। Deepika। John Abraham

Pathan Film Review। SRK। Deepika। John Abraham: Pathan Film, the audience started clapping after watching the action, which proved to be a game changer in Shahrukh Khan’s career. Fans and reports said blockbuster.

Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan film has been released in theaters today. After watching the film, everyone is calling it a blockbuster.

Critics were impressed by Pathan action

Trade analyst and film critic Sumit Kadel has given five stars to the film after watching Pathan Movie. He has praised the film a lot by tweeting. In a tweet, he wrote, “Tiger and Pathan have created a stir. One of the best sequences in the history of Indian cinema has been told. The action turned into a cinema stadium, Baap Re Baap Kya action shown in Pathan.

Pathan Film Review। SRK। Deepika। John Abraham
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SRK’s fans reached the theater with a band

A tremendous craze was being seen among the fans of Shahrukh’s Pathan Film Review. In Delhi, SRK’s fans have reached the theater with the band baje. At the same time, Shah Rukh’s return was also being celebrated by bursting firecrackers outside many theatres. There were long queues outside the theaters and the film was said to be very good.

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Will Pathan avenge the betrayal?

Pathan once again comes face to face with his old enemies Jim and Rubina. Through this, the truth comes in front of him as to what Mission Raktabeej has been told.

Tiger Salman entry into the film

After the interval, we can also see the much-awaited Salman Khan’s entry into the film. Seeing Salman and Shah Rukh together on screen after years has been quite exciting for their fans.

Pathan is on a difficult mission

The spectacular and interesting story of how Pathan Movie faces new difficulties away from his country starts after the interval. Along with this, comedy has also been seen in the film so far with a lot of action.

SRK fans will not allow Pathan to be boycotted

After the film’s release, TV9 Bharatvarsh interacted with Shahrukh Khan’s fans outside the theatre. Shahrukh’s fans clearly say that we will not allow the film Pathan to be boycotted. We will definitely see Pathan. And the controversies go on like this.

  1. Shahrukh’s action is more than Avatar

Shahrukh Khan has appeared in an action movie after a long time. His style, his look, and his action avatar are even better than the movie, which is many times better than what people had expected.

  1.  Deepika’s stylish look

If the hero in the film (Pathan movie) is strong then it is also necessary to have the glamor and hence Deepika Padukone has been cast in the film. It was ascertained from the teaser that Deepika Padukone’s look and (Pathaan movie) how would we get to see her glimpse, Deepika Padukone’s look came to the fore as everyone thought. That her role was one of a hot and sexy girl. Her stylish look was shown more than glamor in the movie.

  1. Superfit John Abraham

John Abraham was taking a direct fight with Shahrukh. Extreme competition in which fit and handsome are also seen. Not much was told about his role in the teaser but in the movie, it was shown well, and John Abraham was seen giving a fight to Shahrukh. But his character was very dangerous. Seeing the fighting between Shah Rukh and John Abraham, people clapped and people were happy with John Abraham.

  1. High octane action

(Pathan Movie) The action shown was mindblowing. Such action has been seen after a long time, which was seen with a very stylish look. The bike, plane, bomb, gun, and chasing scenes made Pathaan movie interesting because Shahrukh and John’s action got super hit from all these Cheech (best scene). Stylish King Khan and Hot Deepika were featured in the movie.

  1. Super speed

In the movie Pathaan, Shahrukh and John were seen running at high speed, everyone clapped and there was a lot of hues and cry in the hall. Suppose everyone started whistling while watching the film Pathaan, it was told by the report and Deepika was also seen running at the same speed, the scene was very spectacular. This speed has become enough to create a frenzy in the audience. And the graphics were also put to great use.

Pathaan Movie Quick Review

According to reports from the international media, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan movie does not give a chance to move from beginning to end. There is newness in the story of the film and its screenplay keeps on engaging. According to Umair Sandhu, the film Pathan is not only the best of Shah Rukh Khan’s career but also the best Bollywood action entertainer of this decade.

Pathan Film Review

Actors like Deepika Padukone and John Abraham were seen along with Shah Rukh Khan in the action entertainer Pathan film of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. There was a tremendous craze in the audience regarding this film Pathan, the evidence of which was guessed by everyone after watching its movie. The film Pathan earned around Rs 30 crores through advance booking, which clearly showed the kind of excitement the audience had about King Khan’s movie.

Desperate to see the first-day, first-show of the film Pathan, the fans started waiting outside and went to bat two hours in advance. And very good news had come out from the international media that 50 thousand people had started paying VAT in the cinema hall just an hour before. According to the reports coming from abroad, according to the expectations of the audience about the film Pathan, bids were submitted in the first show itself, such as an avatar of Shahrukh Khan was seen in the film Pathan. Like the audience had never seen before.




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