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Shraddha Murder & Aftab Poonawalla killed Case: 2022

Mehrauli murder case: Shraddha Murder and Aftab Poonawalla killed Case is accused of murdering Walker and chopping her body into pieces before throwing it away in a forest.

Shraddha Murder & Aftab Poonawalla killed Case 2022
श्रद्धा का लेटर…’22’ में मर्डर…’20’ में ट्रेलर! | Delhi Shraddha Case & aftab poonawalla killed | India

Shraddha Murder & Aftab Poonawalla killed Case 2020–2023, Shraddha Walker and Aftab Poonawalla first worked together in a call center, then both met, then became friends, then fell in love, and both started living together. Both girlfriends and boyfriends used to live together. Day after day, gradually, it reached the fight. Then how did he try to escalate the matter and go so far that he was forced to go to the police, and then lodge a complaint? The policemen thought that they would have given him a chance to keep the relationship good.

withdrew the complaint Shraddha Valkar told her pain to her friends, and one day again, the matter went so far that Aftab Poonawalla cut her into 35 pieces in his room at night, and she was killed. Not only that, he kept it in the freezer, and later he started going to the forest to see each and every piece. Shraddha’s love story The story started in Vasai, adjacent to Mumbai, and ended in Mehrauli, Delhi. Then there were many cracks in Shraddha’s love, and gradually ups and downs started; sometimes she was beaten, and sometimes she was in pain.

Tolerating and agreeing when called or persuaded

Shraddha Murder and Aftab Poonawalla killed Case will be responsible if anything happens to me, Shraddha Walker

Aftab used to fight with Shraddha Walker sometimes or daily, it was not even this, but on 23 November 2020, Aftab probably crossed the limit of fighting, and that is why Shraddha had to go to the police station. Shraddha complained to the police and started telling the whole thing and said that Aftab wanted to strangle her to death and would cut her and throw her away. Shraddha wrote that Aftab’s family knows that it is believed that Aftab kills me and also wants to kill me. Aftab is repeatedly blackmailing me and also threatening to kill me. All of Aftab’s family comes to visit us on weekends. Till now I was with him because both of us were about to get married. Blessings of Aftab’s family are on him, I am responsible if anything gets hurt is Aftab.

Aftab’s parents settled the dispute

Aftab’s parents resolved the dispute and explained it to Shraddha Vaar. After this complaint, Aftab’s parents got scared and they started convincing or persuading Shraddha, and Aftab’s parents also became successful. Aftab’s parents agreed after persuasion and after that Shraddha took back the complaint by writing a letter to Tulinj police, then Shraddha wrote that Aftab and I have been living in the same house for the last two years.

Shraddha Murder & Aftab Poonawalla killed Case

what shraddha said in a chat with a friend

Shraddha used to talk to her friends, ( Shraddha Murder & Aftab Poonawalla killed Case ) so one day she said in a chat with her friends, actually, a chat of Shraddha surfaced. In which there is a conversation between Shraddha and her former team leader Karan. This chat is dated 24 November 2020 after Shraddha’s complaint, in which she said that her BP has become low due to beatings, and she does not have the energy to get up. There were marks on her face as well, while Shraddha also told us in the chat that she had gone home to talk to Aftab’s parents, where everything was resolved. This is the Shraddha case.

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