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World Billionaires List: Gautam Adani, Has A Loss of 21000 Crores in Net Worth

World Billionaires List: Gautam Adani, out of the top-25 in the list of rich, has a loss of 21000 crores in net worth!

Gautam Adani Net Worth

In the last 24 hours, Gautam Adani has registered a loss or loss of more than $ 2.6 billion i.e. Rs 21,000 crore in terms of India. According to Forbes Real Time Billionaire, Gautam Adani’s net worth has come down to $45.3 billion.

World Billionaires List

For the past few days, a continuous boom was recorded in the shares of Indian industrialist Gautam Adani’s companies. Due to this, the prices of stocks of Adani groups were increasing rapidly and at the same pace, Adani’s net worth was also increasing.

But, on Tuesday, the shares of Adani Group fell again on the last trading day, which continued on the next day on Wednesday as well. Due to this Gautam Adani’s wealth has declined, and he has slipped down five places in the list of the rich.

Adani Groups Stocks

Adani Group’s shares have been in focus for a few days, and the company’s shares have registered a decline of more than 7%. Shares of four group companies are stuck in the lower circuit, including BS Adani Enterprises Ltd. stock at 9.25%, Adani Green Energy at 1.83% on BSE, ACC at 1.18%, Adani Wilmar 2.85%, and Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone at 3.71%. recorded a decline.

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Gautam Adani Reached Number 26

Happy days ago, according to Forbes Real Time Billionaires Index, Adani’s net worth had come down to $45.3 billion. Due to the rise in shares in the past few days, he climbed rapidly up the list of Billionaires and reached the 21st position. But in the last 24 hours, Gautam Adani has suffered a loss of more than 2.6 billion dollars i.e., about 21 thousand crore rupees. Gautam Adani Net Worth has decreased due to a fall in shares, due to which Gautam Adani has again reached number 26.

Adani Green Was The Top Gainer Among Adani Group Stocks.

Apart from this, the shares of New Delhi Television Ltd (NDTV) were down by 2.91% and the stock of ACC Cement was trading at the level of 1%.Amid a boom in the stock market, where these stocks declined continuously, Adani Wilmar’s 1.46%, Adani Green’s 3.25%, Adani Enterprises’ 1.47%, Adani Ports 1.98% and Ambuja Cements Ltd’s shares were trading up by 0.61%.

Gautam Adani’s net worth has also registered a decline due to the continuous fall in the shares. Due to this, Adani was first out of the top 10, then top 20, and then out of the top 30 in the list of the world’s rich.



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