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World Hindi Diwas 2023

World Hindi Diwas 2023: Know why World Hindi Day is celebrated today and why it is so special. Every year on January 10, World Hindi Day is celebrated internationally. The purpose of celebrating this is to spread Hindi knowledge all over the world and unite it and also to make aware of the need for Hindi or to give a speech on World Hindi Day, so you can prepare for it from here.

World Hindi Diwas 2023 Every year on January 10, the purpose of celebrating World Hindi Day is continuously celebrated in India. And encouraging Hindi-speaking people all over the world is no less than a Hindi day, as well as promoting or promoting Hindi literature is also called a Hindi day. So further we will know very important things related to this day.

World Hindi Diwas 2023

World Hindi Diwas 2023

Look, even though the English language may be spoken in many countries around the world, it is also written more. Say more but Hindi is also the language of the heart. And that’s why we proudly say the Hindi language ‘Hindi we will speak’ to make the world aware of the Hindi language and also to encourage Hindi, every year on January 10 as Hindi World Day. is celebrated or celebrated. The importance of World Hindi Day increases because the Hindi language also increases because this language has been established on the level of the world language. The Hindi language only helps to increase the global level and Hindi connoisseurs all over the world are tied in one thread and spread or united.

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The Hindi language is spoken very fluently in the Lifestyle Desk.

World Hindi Diwas 2023: Hindi is called the national language of India. According to Ethnologue, an organization that has the importance or history of languages ​​around the world, the Hindi language is the third most spoken language in the world. World Hindi Day has been celebrated on January 10 for the last several years with the aim of creating an environment for the promotion of Hindi worldwide and presenting Hindi as an international language. On this day people also send messages to each other and send quotes and congratulations on this day, but if you want to give a speech on Hindi Day, then we can take its ideas.

History of World Hindi Day

World Hindi Day is spoken or celebrated across the world on 10 January every year. World Hindi was celebrated for the first time in Nagpur on 10 January 1975 by organizing a conference, which was attended by 122 delegates from 30 countries. After that conference was also organized outside India in Mauritius, Trinidad, the United Kingdom, America, etc. World Hindi countries.

The theme of world Hindi day 2023

The theme of this year’s Hindi Day is to make Hindi the language of public opinion and ‘Hindi, without forgetting the importance of their mother tongue’.

Speech on world Hindi day

1. World Hindi Diwas 2023: Hindi is such a language, through which you can easily explain anything to anyone. And even though some people today consider speaking English as their pride, honor, and pride, they know the truth that our national language Hindi is very or very beautiful, and respects every Indian at the global level. Gives respect. If we celebrate Hindi Diwas every year as a festival with the aim of spreading the Hindi language and Hindi literature all over India. On this occasion, various programs are also organized at different places in which the Hindi language and Hindi literature are discussed openly. And on behalf of the Central Government of Hindi Diwas, on the occasion, writers associated with Hindi literature are also honored with various types of awards.

2. World Hindi Diwas 2023: Among the many languages ​​most spoken globally, English is at number one, Mandarin Chinese at number two, and Hindi at number three.

There is a large number of people who speak Hindi all over the world, in today’s time, more than 80 crore people are Hindi speakers. Even on the Internet, the trend of Hindi is increasing day by day because Google, the world’s largest search engine, used to give importance to English content only till a few years ago. Because to make Hindi technically richer, more advanced, and easier, how much software has also been made for Hindi? It will be said to respect the power of our Hindi because due to its so many users, many multinational companies in India have also started using Hindi. Hindi is currently the fastest-growing language in the country.

3. World Hindi Diwas 2023: India must have been a slave of the British for a long time, but even during that time, the English tales had a bad effect on the languages ​​of our country i.e. India. But Hindi language was the official language of Matmagandi, whose respect and propagation were spoken with great duty, and until now everyone will not use it well, then this language will not develop. That’s why Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year.



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