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Good Friday 2023: Know Why Good Friday is Celebrated And What Was it

Good Friday 2023: Know why Good Friday is celebrated and what was the last message of the Lord Jesus.

Good Friday 2023

The sacrifice day of the Lord Jesus is celebrated as Good Friday in Christianity. People who believe in Christianity wear black clothes in the church on this day and pray for forgiveness in front of them. Know what the last message of the Lord Jesus was.

Today, Good Friday, the festival of Christianity, is being celebrated across the country. On this day it is believed that Lord Jesus was put to death. People celebrate the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus as a festival. We all consider Good to mean ‘good’, but here it is not considered to mean good, but it is also called ‘Black Day’. Lord Jesus gave some messages while being crucified, let’s know about it

What is Good Friday

Apart from the name “Good Friday” ‘Good Friday‘, it is also known as “Black Friday” and “Great Friday”. This day is celebrated as the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. Those who were continuously tortured by the Jewish rulers were also given mental and physical torture. After all these tortures, he was crucified on a wooden cross, Lord Jesus said,- ‘O God, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing’. ‘O father, I am entrusting my soul in your hands.’ Saying this, Lord Jesus laughed and went to the cross. The day he was crucified was Friday.

Who Was Lord Jesus

The Bible, the holy book of Christianity, rather gives information that – the Lord Jesus used to give the message of love, knowledge, and non-violence to make humans’ life better and to walk them on the right path. Gradually, his attachment to Jesus Christ increased, people started getting influenced by his messages, and Lord Jesus became popular. His increasing popularity was not liked by the Jews, so they started hurting Lord Jesus physically and mentally and finally crucified him. After all these incidents, the importance of Lord Jesus increased in the eyes of the people and it was said that Lord Jesus sacrificed his life for the welfare of man. Jesus Christ was resurrected only 3 days after his death So Easter Sunday is celebrated exactly 3 days after.

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People Who Believe in Christianity Keep Fast

Before Good Friday, Christians fast for 40 days, which starts from Ash Wednesday. On Good Friday, the church is decorated very beautifully and worship is offered. On this day, people who believe in Christianity go to church wearing black clothes and ask Lord Jesus for forgiveness for their sins.

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