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World Health Day 2023: Know Why and When This Day Started

World Health Day 2023: Today is World Health Day, know why and when this day started.

World Health Day 2023

For the last few months, infection of Covid is increasing rapidly. Covid cases are increasing rapidly in January-February due to the Covid variant. According to data, in the month of March, there has been an increase in the death toll due to infection across the country. Covid has become a serious problem now. This time this problem is coming due to the new variant XBB.1.16. This variant is more contagious.

For the last few years, there has also been an increase in mental health, heart-related diseases, and diabetes. Looking at this matter, it has been found that the risk of heart attack is increasing in people who go to the gym or take care of physical fitness. World Health Day is celebrated globally to save people from health problems, make their health conscious, and encourage them to stay healthy. Today 7 April World Health Day is being celebrated all over the world.

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Apart from Covid, the risk of many serious diseases has increased over the past several years, but before that, the celebration of World Health Day had already started. Don’t know when the celebration of Health Day started at the global level.

When is World Health Day Celebrated?

Every year World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April for health awareness around the world. The celebration of World Health Day started in the year 1950.

Why is World Health Day Celebrated Only on 7th April?

The World Health Organization was established in 1948. The World Health Organization is also known as WHO, which is part of the United Nations. The main task of this organization is to keep an eye on health problems around the world and help in their prevention. In 1950, the World Health Organization started celebrating World Health Day on April 7, the anniversary of its foundation day.

What is The Purpose of Celebrating World Health Day?

When WHO set a day to celebrate Health Day, its purpose was to discuss global health and its related problems, to celebrate this day, to make people aware of the healthcare facilities around the world and to spread awareness about health-related rumors and friends. have to keep away. The health organization also inspires the governments of different countries to formulate and implement health policies.

The Theme of World Health Day 2023

Every year World Health Day has a special theme, this year the theme of World Health Day 2023 is “Health for All”. It means to improve the health of every person through financial or other help in any situation and to bring awareness about the health of all.

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