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Happy Easter 2023: Today is Easter Sunday, Easter is Celebrated

Happy Easter 2023: Why is the festival of Easter Sunday being celebrated all over the country today? Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected again on this day itself. On this occasion, eggs are gifted today on Easter Sunday, And Gifts Are Given.


  • Today is Easter Sunday 2023,
  • Jesus Christ was alive again,
  • The importance of eggs on Easter has been told,
  • Why is Easter celebrated in April?

Happy Easter 2023

Easter is considered the biggest festival in the Christian community so far. And on the third day of Good Friday, that is, on the following Sunday, Jesus Christ was also resurrected,

Easter Sunday is This Day Called?

On the occasion of Easter Sunday, from Saturday itself, prayer meetings start all over the country waiting for the arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ also came back for his disciples and went and preached among them for 40 days.

What is The Importance of Eggs?

The special importance of eggs is told on Easter Sunday because eggs are said to give the message of new life. The way a bird first lays an egg and then a chick comes out of it. In the same way, eggs are considered an auspicious monument on Easter, hence the importance of eggs.

Why Does Easter Come Only in April?

The biggest argument behind celebrating Easter in April has been told, but at the time when Lord Jesus Christ was caught, Since then winter was going to Israel, and along with it summer was also coming. This is the reason why Easter comes only in April.

Why Are Eggs and Chocolates Given as Gifts To Children On The Occasion of Easter?

In 2023, the festival of Easter is being celebrated on the 9th of April. Like Christmas, Easter is also one of the main festivals of Christianity. Do you also know the tradition and story in the history of the festival? If not, then let us know some interesting things about Easter.

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Christians also celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ during this festival. Because the Bible says that on Good Friday, Jesus Christ died on the cross. According to the Bible, Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday. Easter varies on a different date each year, usually between March 21 and April 25, depending on when the full moon occurs in spring. This year, Easter is being celebrated across the country on 9th April.

What is The Story Behind The Easter Egg?

Many of our loved ones must have eaten a lot of eggs made of chocolate on the day of Easter, but have you ever wondered what is the relation between eggs with Easter? In fact, years ago, church leaders originally did not even allow eggs to be eaten during the week before the Easter egg, which has become known as Holy Week, for Holy Week. The special decoration was done. These decorated eggs were also given as gifts to children. Many changes had also come in this tradition since then.

Happy Easter Images 2023

Happy Easter 2023: Today is Easter Sunday, Easter is Celebrated

Easter Images

Happy Easter 2023: Today is Easter Sunday, Easter is Celebrated


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